#SEO Technique: How to Boost Highly Competitive Keywords in Google?

boost highly competitive keywords

Hello Guys! If you are looking for article about how to rank specific term or keyword in search engines, you are at right place. Let’s take an example of Justin Bieber, wait no because there are negative rumors about him being gay. Let’s talk about Chrissy Costanza, who is a famous YouTube star and famous among teens. So, how to start the boost campaign? Is it full-fledged writing? The answer is No. In this post, I would explain how to boost highly competitive keywords such as of Chrissy Costanza!

#1 Generating Audience from Web Traffic

Let’s us now assume that you will be able to rank your website on top with the keyword. When you are able to do that, your site post comes in the top of the first page. But, if you are not regular follower of Chrissy and do not have domain with her name, all your efforts for boost is useless. The people who are searching Chrissy, their search pattern includes Chrissy Costanza Dating or affairs and even more of her personal life. If your website is about farming or SEO, but not of celebrity, it is useless to do a single job. Also, the visitors coming into your website from keyword do not trust your site to be real.

Example Keyword Chrissy Costanza

Thus, the first and foremost thing that you should do is create a niche market or niche website. You should choose the good niche or web categories. That’s the time when you can convert web traffic to genuine audience.

#2 Keywords and Website Competition

To be honest with you, if you were able to rank your site on top a day, your site won’t be on top for other. There are millions of websites in internet and each of them wants to be on top. The webmasters go through severe struggle to get the position. In order to be on top for long time, you must use long tail keywords. If you don’t know what’s long tail keyword is, it is a less competitive keywords that could gain more ranking than a specific keyword.

Highly competitive keywords

For example, if your main keyword is Chrissy Costanza, you can make it longer like ‘Chrissy Costanza’s Affairs’ or something like that.

Reminder: Don’t Use Keyword That Does Not Fit Your Website!

Making website and ranking its keywords in search engines is not a joke. If you are trying to rank main keyword in such engines, you are going in wrong way. As it takes more time in getting in rank, we do not suggest you to use that technique. Also, you must be able to develop your own keyword rather than copying from others.

What is Digital Marketing? What Are The Different Digital Marketing Techniques?

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing or Digital Promotion is a first way of promoting business online. It is the way through which one can gain a positive response from the audience all over the world. Also, it is termed as a channel through which one business can meet prospects and clients. Marketing is the way through which one can influence other about the products and services, and when it is done online through the medium of search engines and social media; it becomes Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing in Real World

In real world scenario, Digital Marketing means branding your resources through a different medium. The mediums may be like an online brochure, press release, email marketing and much more. Resource here means your online or offline business. It is the process of utilizing different techniques to reach the goal. Here are enlisted different tactics and resources that might be useful to you!

Before that, you can see this format that you need first:

Different Digital Marketing Analysis

Your Resources:

Digital Marketing Techniques

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Article Marketing
  • Inbound/Outbound Marketing
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Affiliate Marketing

What Are The Core Benefits of Using Digital Marketing Techniques?

Unlike other marketing techniques (older linking technique), digital marketing techniques help to know the exact position of business in the real world. If you are using older techniques like link building or advertising through a newspaper, you must have seen the deadline of the visitors and traffic. It’s hard to estimated exact return from those tactics. But in digital marketing concept, one can estimate a return on investment and return on time given.

Digital Marketing Cycle

Here is how one can evaluate the ROI:

  • Website Visits

After applying digital marketing techniques, one can easily know the difference in past and present. When we use different methods, the business owner can view his/her web traffic and analyze them. The free tools like Piwik or Analytics could be used to see the traffic from generic or static geo/location; from what device they are approaching your website, etc.

  • Article Performance

We measure the performance of article through the stat provided by different sources like Analytics. You can go through the behavior of visitors and also see the real hits on your articles. Keep in mind that; only hits are not the part of marketing; you must be able to see through bounce rates and total time on a page.

  • Lead Generation

When your website is full of contents and is rich in information, the visitors is converted into prospects or even clients. We can take example of Baba Pandey, who is the top SEO expert of Nepal. You can generate a lead from your site without going through a manual advertising campaign.

How To Start Your Own Website Free of Cost?

How to Start Website Free of Cost

If you are new in blogging or blogosphere, you must know how to start your website. First things first, you must know what blogging is or what site means! Simply, a website is the web-based portal where people might insert various information and share it with the world. So, if you want to share something, you must gain access to any free portal and start sharing information.

How To Get Website For Free?

The newbies in this internet field cannot afford to get or create a premium website on their own. It’s because it can cost you more than a hundred bucks out of your pocket. So, we will discuss the only free way to get your website.

Step 1 – Information Search

Information Search

The very first thing you should do is seek information. The info could be of anything; you can get information about tricks, tips, reviews along with some poems as well. But, you need to search what it is important.

  • Search for Niche
  • Locate Available Resources

Step 2 – Selection of Blogging Platform

Different Blogging Platforms

There are various platforms available for a blogger to choose from. The various portals like WordPress, Weebly, Wix, Blogger, etc. are providing a platform for free. Personally, I suggest you go for WordPress as it offers more facilities than any other.

Step 3 – Sign-up and Setup

Signup and Setup

After choosing a platform, all you need to do is sign-up and setup the information. While signing up, you must fill in the domain (URL) you need. All other creation of framework will be ready.

Step 4 – Add Articles

Add Articles in Website

Before sharing your website with others, you must add at least one article. I recommend you to add at least ten articles before sharing it with the world.

What’s next? After completion of all these steps, you can add your site to Google and other search engines as you wish. I will add another article about what to do next soon.