How To Start Your Own Website Free of Cost?

How to Start Website Free of Cost

If you are new in blogging or blogosphere, you must know how to start your website. First things first, you must know what blogging is or what site means! Simply, a website is the web-based portal where people might insert various information and share it with the world. So, if you want to share something, you must gain access to any free portal and start sharing information.

How To Get Website For Free?

The newbies in this internet field cannot afford to get or create a premium website on their own. It’s because it can cost you more than a hundred bucks out of your pocket. So, we will discuss the only free way to get your website.

Step 1 – Information Search

Information Search

The very first thing you should do is seek information. The info could be of anything; you can get information about tricks, tips, reviews along with some poems as well. But, you need to search what it is important.

  • Search for Niche
  • Locate Available Resources

Step 2 – Selection of Blogging Platform

Different Blogging Platforms

There are various platforms available for a blogger to choose from. The various portals like WordPress, Weebly, Wix, Blogger, etc. are providing a platform for free. Personally, I suggest you go for WordPress as it offers more facilities than any other.

Step 3 – Sign-up and Setup

Signup and Setup

After choosing a platform, all you need to do is sign-up and setup the information. While signing up, you must fill in the domain (URL) you need. All other creation of framework will be ready.

Step 4 – Add Articles

Add Articles in Website

Before sharing your website with others, you must add at least one article. I recommend you to add at least ten articles before sharing it with the world.

What’s next? After completion of all these steps, you can add your site to Google and other search engines as you wish. I will add another article about what to do next soon.